Don’t Fish Under The Dingleberry Tree



Don’t Fish Under The Dingleberry Tree
Beautifully Bound High-Gloss Hardback Cover
$20 + tax (Mississippi only) + S&H

In the traditions of Robert Ruark’s OLD MAN AND THE BOY series, outdoor uncles and elders have ternally stooped to share their wisdom with youngsters – any youngster who will stand still long enough to be shared with. However, when an elder gets one of the younger generation cornered in a boat for a day’s fishing, it creates a captive audience, so to speak. Wisdom then pours forth like unto the water when Moses whanged the rock.
Some such wisdom may be found in this book, albeit like needles in the literary haystack–or, more appropriately like pearls in the hogpens of life. Harken:
“Son, you want to learn from this. It ain’t no use atall fishing under the Dingleberry Trees of life…Near ’bout ever’body gets caught under them at one time or another… It might be a bad job, a mean boss or a foreclosing banker… But whatever the situation, remember: you ain’t got to stay under the tree and get plopped on.”
Or, “Son you know I ain’t a prejudiced person. Black, white, yellow, red, man, woman or yankee: they’re all the same to me up front. I go by what a fella says and what he does, and I been known to kiss ugly women. But there’s some places where you got to draw the line. Boy, don’t never go fishing with a man whose shoulders don’t move when he walks!”
Or, “You ain’t really a hot-shot until you can hire someone else to clean out your sewer line after dark on the night before deer season opens. Until then, you’ve still got something else to work toward.”
Onward, Dear Reader! Search for those Pearls within!


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