The Barefoot Dodgers



The Barefoot Dodgers
Beautifully Bound High-Gloss Hardback Cover
$25 + tax (Mississippi only) + S&H

The Barefoot Dodgers was a real plantation baseball team in the Mississippi Delta back during the farm sharecropping era when pasture baseball was an everyday summer pastime. Though the official team was all black, the farm white boys practiced with them team, but seldom got to play in the games. These youngsters were raised as friends of different races.
After the Barefoot Dodgers win the state title, accidents take out four regulars, forcing the additions of the only eligible players–three whites and a Mexican. Two of the whites are sons of the plantation owner, and one of them has cystic fibrosis. So, the coach and the owner conspire to integrate the Barefoot Dodgers, and thereby the Regional Tournament for the International Amateur League. Opposition comes from the Northern team and officials, as the Dodgers advance to the IAL World Series.
This is a book about friends who play baseball, and is a must for any parent who has spent his or her summers on hard bleacher seats, eating cold hot dogs and going home with sore throats from cheering their team on to victory!
Or defeat. Life is like that. Hopefully, the Ups are worth the Downs.


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