The Flaming Turkey – Audiobook – 2 CD Set



The Flaming Turkey
Audio Book (2 CD set)
$20 + tax (Mississippi only) + S&H

This is not your typical “how-to” hunting book. Nor is it another collection of “me and Joe went hunting” stories. This is a humorous account of author Bob Neill’s own “Haps and Mishaps” during a lifetime of hunting wild turkeys along the Mississippi River, focusing on the one aspect of turkey hunting that Neill claims to perform better than anyone else who has ever been introduced to the sport: “I miss wild turkeys wonderfully well!”
A master storyteller in the Southern tradition, Neill goes to the audio waves to narrate this account of his first book, THE FLAMING TURKEY, which was the Number Two Hunting Book in the year following its publication on December 2, 1986. A disastrous fire several years later destroyed existing stocks of the book, which has been out of print for a decade, but now, thanks to new technology, Neill brings it back to life, telling these priceless tales of the woods hisownself. At times, even making up his own words to describe the action – or inaction!
In Neill’s word pictures, you will meet and become friends with Big Robert, Br’er Beau, Dude, and a host of his hunting companions. You will feel at home on Woodstock Island or Montgomery Island, near The Giant Mushroom, The Still Tank, or The Skull Road. You will gain insight in to the motives and mind of the various stereotypical wild turkeys: the Showboat, the Absent-Minded Professor, or the Coup-Counter. You may not be a better hunter when you finish this book, but you will sure enjoy Life a little better!
Here, at last, is an audiobook that tells the truth about turkey hunting, turkey hunters, and turkeys – well, almost: as Neill explains, “My Great-Uncle Sam used to put it thisaway: ‘Tis a poor piece of cloth that can stand no embroidery!”


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