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In the traditions of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Penrod and Sam, another generation of boys bursts upon the scene, sure to capture the hearts and minds of America’s readers. Bound by their friendship, love of nature and a common ability to get into and out of trouble, the six youngsters known as The Jakes gallop through these pages with a zest both infectious and endearing. Yet as they gallop, they also grow.

Beginning at the age of thirteen, when a boy is old enough to begin thinking about such grown-up subjects as girls, driving, Heaven and Hell, and continuing through high school graduation, The Jakes get into mischief galore. From their bouts with the “fire monster” to their duels with Coach Roach; from skinny-dipping to rabbit running; from “haints” in the Woods to Aliens in Camp; every reader over twelve will identify with Heater, Perfect, Birdlegs, Deadeye, Boateater and Rookie.

Yet through their hilarious adventures winds the thread of true friendship, not only tying The Jakes together, but binding them to family, older confidants, and the girls so important to their young lives. Sometimes these relationships are severely strained by the boys’ devilment, but the natural good humor and exuberance of The Jakes stands the tests.

The youngsters are rescued from various entanglements by adults who grow to love The Jakes. And in the stories of their own lives, the men help the boys to understand live and to mature.
This book is about growing up. It’s about the fun and the pain; the heartthrob of young love and the heartbreak of death; the riotous adventures one dares not tell adults, and the warm close times around a campfire with good friends. The Jakes will make the reader laugh, cry and just plain feel good!


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